A few months ago, a local bar owner in my area (a good friend of mine actually), wanted to let the locals know that she has some of the area’s best burgers.  In talking to her, I found out that her Facebook page is virtually non-existent…a big NO-NO!

She asked me why it’s so bad to not be utilizing Facebook and other social media outlets.  My question to her was really simple – when was the last time you used a phone book?  She giggled, but then got where I was coming from.  We are a NOW society.  No one is going to sift through the YP looking for a restaurant.  It’s either word of mouth or online…bottom line!

So I asked her if she would let me run a little Facebook campaign for her “Burger Mania”.  Basically it was a promotional deal on a Sunday that offered $2 off a burger and fries.  Again, the goal was pretty simple…GET PEOPLE IN THERE TO TRY HER FOOD!  But what if we can also get people to her Facebook page as well?  It’s a win, win!

Basically what I did was create a post on her business Facebook page and then “boosted” the post.  If you’re not sure what boosting a post is, it is pretty simple.  You pay Facebook a small amount to have your post show up under the “sponsored” searches on Facebook.  You see them all the time I’m sure.  Sometimes, they’re so innocuous you don’t even realize that they’re just not part of your news feed.  Here’s what it looks like (this was just taken from my personal Facebook page a few minutes ago) –

It’s really pretty hard to notice sometimes, but it’s there. 🙂

So how does Wikibuy get their ad to show up on my news feed when I have never heard of them?  It’s REALLY simple…

When you boost a post or create a sponsored ad, you select the demographic you want to target.  This works great if you’re trying to boost an e-commerce or website, but what about a regular brick or mortar business like my friend’s local bar and grill?  Facebook lets us select what LOCATIONS we want to target!  Super cool, right!?  And this is exactly what I did when I worked on her “Burger Mania” post.  I wasn’t going to target people 2,000 miles away, right?  Of course not!  I wanted to target local people (OVER THE AGE OF 21 OF COURSE!) within a 10 mile radius of her location.  Now, the bar is located in a town of around 30,000 people so you may think we wouldn’t be able to hit a lot of folks, but you’d be surprised!  Remember, we super-targeted our campaign.  Here’s what we targeted:

Interests: Coupons, Take-out, Green Bay Packers, Bars or Food and drink
Men & Women
Age: 21 – 55
I let the campaign run for a whopping 10 days…that’s it!  It didn’t exactly break the bank, either.  Our total spent was just under $18!  Not too shabby, right!?  But what were the results you ask?  See below 🙂
Just look at the number of people that saw the post!  Now compare that to her previous posts. Does it seem like it worked?  I can tell you that her Facebook page got in front of a heck of a lot more people than before!  We also garnered another 40+ likes and some shares.  This is even better!  Now every time we post something on her page, those 40+ people that liked her page from simply running a low-cost sponsored campaign will see it!  And what’s better?
She sold out of her burgers within 5 hours!  Her supply of burgers would normally last 7-10 days were gone in 5 hours!  Awesome!  Not only did she get her food in the bellies of her crowd, but she also has some more likes on her Facebook.
Now it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat!
Make sense?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Hope you enjoyed the read, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note!
Thanks for reading 🙂