Affiliate Program Creation

  • Affiliate Program Development
  • Program Management
  • Increase sales with a performance based pay


If you are thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your business, please consider that this is performance based pay. This means if your affiliate army earns you $0.00, then you pay zero dollars. The more sales they generate, the more sales you generate, and the more funds you will have available to pay them for their efforts. All of this can be negotiated, of course, and there is a right approach to take pertaining to this step.

During our consultation of your business, we will determine the best form of affiliate marketing, and the best network to put you in based of the type of affiliates you will likely see the best results with. Not every affiliate program is a success, but nearly every affiliate program I have every created, and managed myself is.

I was among the ’49 Highest Converting Products on’ just 1 year after I created that particular product. I know what I am doing, and I know how increase your business through affiliate marketing platforms.



  • We create a fully integrated affiliate program for your website. We set everything up so that all of the sales our affiliates generate for your business will be tracked properly, and timely. This insures that both you, and your affiliates are satisfied with the level of tracking on the performance of each affiliate and each sale. We also determine the affiliate/merchant terms. This is where you decide what the percentage of each sale the affiliates generate will be ‘their cut’ of the pie, and what percentage you keep for yourself.
  • Once the affiliate program is created, and the merchant/affiliate agreement terms are set, we start developing the program by marketing the incentives of promoting your products in front of thousands of affiliate marketers. We have huge lists of affiliate marketers that we have grown over the past 8 years, as well as know which forums and marketplaces to find them in.
  • We manage the program for you, we continue to grow, and maintain the affiliate network we are generating for you. We write newsletters, create offers, and offer other incentives to get our newly acquired affiliates actively promoting your product or service. It’s one thing to gain affiliates and a completely different challenge all together if you want them to actively promote your business.
  • Through all of these steps, we can actively increase your revenue, and tell you exactly where it’s generating from via the tracking. The more we know, the more you know, the fast the growth can occur.



Please consider reaching out to me at: if you have any questions, or wish to discuss your business. I am happy to do it, and would love to hear from you.